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1 Click Installation – Your own website in just a few steps

This article refers to the product WEB Swiss.

Please note that if you are using the old product WEB, and wish to migrate to this new product – you can find out more about the process via the link: Migration from WEB to WEB Swiss

In order for the application installer to be available to you, your domain must be entered under WEB Admin > Websites.

In the application installer, you can select the desired application (e.g. WordPress) using the “Install new application” option.

The option “Advanced installation” is also available. This gives you more (advanced) options to specify this installation.

The installation will only take a few moments, and depending on the installation method, will still show you the necessary credentials directly afterwards. (You can also retrieve these later).

After that your application will be listed in the overview.

However, you can make a backup of your current application with one click.

These backups will also be listed in the overview afterwards and can be used for restoring.

Please note that these backups will also be stored on your hosting and will use disk space accordingly