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This article refers to the product WEB Swiss.

Please note that if you are using the old product WEB, and wish to migrate to this new product – you can find out more about the process via the link: Migration from WEB to WEB Swiss

The default PHP version for new hostings is 7.4.

Additionally the versions 7.3 and 8.0 are available.

Enabled PHP modules are:

~ bz2
~ calendar
~ core
~ ctype
~ curl
~ date
~ exif
~ filter
~ ftp
~ gettext
~ gmp
~ hash
~ iconv
~ libxml
~ openssl
~ pcntl
~ pcre
~ readline
~ reflection
~ session
~ shmop
~ simplexml
~ spl
~ standard
~ tokenizer
~ xml
~ zlib

At the moment only MySQL version 8.0 is supported. All databases will be switched to this version.

You can access your databases at any time under WEB Admin > MySQL Database, using the “edit” button and then access phpMyAdmin using the URL shown.