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Migration from WEB to WEB Swiss

As a new customer you already benefit from the new hosting environment and can already order WEB Swiss as well as the new SSL certificates.

However, if you have already purchased one of the following products, a migration would be necessary to use the new hosting environment.

By migrating to the new product, you will benefit from the latest PHP and MySQL versions, the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, which is automatically activated, and much more.

However, the following steps are necessary for a migration:

  • Back up your old hosting locally at your site. (All files, databases, cronjobs, …).
  • Contact our customer support for the migration.

Beware: this will cause your site to be down, as we have to remove the old hosting for this. After we make the switch, you can purchase the WEB Swiss product.

Then it is necessary that you upload your local backup to the new hosting, create and import the databases

By migrating to the new environment, you benefit from a free DNS zone for each domain. Additionally, you have the possibility to purchase WEB Swiss as well as the new SSL certificates.

You are welcome to contact our customer service for a migration.