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What is a Trustee-Service? (.eu, .it)

If a new registration or transfer of a domain with a trustee service fails, this is usually due to the rejection of the domain name by the trustee.

The corresponding error message for Hexonet is:
-552 Object status does not allow for operation domain is on blacklist

The refusal is usually based on trademark rights.

If the registration or transfer has been carried out by an authorized person (e. g. the trademark owner), Hexonet can notify the trustee. In most cases, the domain is then released.

Contact address of the trustee’s (only for SLS)
Christoph Glitsch



Our free of charge trustee service offers customers resident in Switzerland to register DOMAINs which otherwise can only be registered by holders from the respective areas.

With these domain extensions, there is the peculiarity that the owner or administrative contact (Admin-C) has to indicate a place of residence or company in the respective country or region according to the registration conditions of the respective registry.

We offer this free service for the following DOMAIN extensions: