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Why does my address data appear on Whois?

Inquiries on the part of the account holder or third parties (offices, service providers, etc.) regarding DOMAINs and customer data

Requests from the Account Holder
After verification (e-mail to the e-mail address stored in the user account, phone call to the phone number stored in the user account and verification of various data), the account holder may be given information about the products and terms in his user account, as well as invoices and deadlines.

Information on specific data relating to a DOMAIN may be provided to the keeper, provided that such information is provided during the term of the contract. Outside this period, he must file a petition for an edition request with the court.

Requests from third parties
Third parties can only be given information that is publicly accessible, i. e. the Whois data.

Swizzonic is not authorised to provide further information.

If a public authority wishes to obtain information without the presence of the account holder, it shall request this by means of a judicial order. This can also be sent by e-mail to

Requests for information from any third parties about DOMAIN details which are not in the Whois will not be given. In the event of disputes regarding trademark infringement, we refer the applicant to WIPO at In case of disputes regarding DOMAINs we refer the customer to the appropriate place in the registry (at. ch this is

Domain purchase enquiries
In the case of purchase requests from persons to DOMAINs from our customers, the requester will only be referred to the WHOIS data. No further action will be taken.


Swizzonic is obliged to publish the personal data of the holders of DOMAINs in the publicly accessible Whois database (see terms and conditions; data protection).

A more detailed description of the Whois service can be found at the respective registrar.

For. ch and. li DOMAINS e. g. on under “Prices and conditions”,”Regulations of use”.

The conditions for gTLDs are determined by ICANN.

With many DOMAIN extensions, however, it is possible to disguise the home or business address using a PRIVACY service:
-Service package PRIVACY