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.app is launching!

Reserve now the new TLD .app!

Since the beginning of 2014, new gTLDs (Generic Top-Level-Domain) are openly sold on the market.
A new and very desirable domain ending is now about to launch: .app

This ending will be launched by the registry on May 8th and can be registered as of that date. However, you can already apply and reserve a DOMAIN with the ending .app.

To do so, log onto your user account using your Swizzonic user ID or open up a new account (free).

Go to “Administer DOMAINs” –> “Reserve DOMAIN”. In the following drop-down menu you will be able to select the ending .app and reserve your desired domain. This reservation is not binding.

Mid April you will receive an email, which lets you definitely confirm the price at which the TLD will launch.

As soon as the DOMAIN ending is available for registration, we will register it for you. Thanks to our reservation system, we can send your request as soon as the TLD officially launches and have therefore a high success rate.

Please note that to be able to register a .app DOMAIN, you require an SSL certificate. Your website can therefore only be accessed with a safe and encrypted HTTPS connection.
SSL-certificates can be bought in your Swizzonic user-account.