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How can I assign my DOMAIN hosting products (SWIZZHosting, TOOLfree, TOOL, SHOP, WEB, LINK, MAIL, HEX, s@w)?

Please go to and log in with your user ID and password.

Navigate to “Administration of DOMAIN’s”. On this page you can make name server configurations as well as allocate products to the corresponding domain.

  • Click on the button “Assign product” in the last column.
  • In the top section, you enter the necessary name servers on the domain directly.
  • Find your desired product in the lower sections and connect it with the domain by clicking the button “Assign product”.
  • The system will now set up the selected product for this domain. You will then be redirected to the product configuration.
    -> If you have made changes to the name server in this step, it may take several hours until the product is functional.
    New products can be ordered directly from this page by clicking on the “Buy Product” button.