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Can I combine MAIL by Swizzonic and WEB by a different provider?

Yes, you can. You are kindly requested to activate the DOMAIN with our name servers (by allocating the host product MAIL) and then insert the A-Record (IP-address) of the different provider into our server. The A-Record is responsible for forwarding your website, which you will upload onto the other provider’s server, while our server will mostly take care of the functionalities of your e-mail addresses.

If you have already allocated the product MAIL to your DOMAIN but you are still using the name server of a different provider, you can change said name server to a Swizzonic name server at a different/more convenient point in time..

To be able to see the A-Record, please proceed as follows:

  • In the navigation bar in the section “WEB ADMIN” please click onto “Basic Configuration” and on the right hand side click the editing-symbol next to the DOMAIN concerned and choose “edit name server“.
  • Under Type A you can insert the A-Record – which you have received from the other provider in the form of an IP address.
  • Make sure to save all the changes by clicking “save”