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How can I connect my domain to the WIX website tool?

Your Swizzonic domain can easily be connected to the WIX website tool. A domain transfer to WIX is not necessary.


Connecting a domain with your own domain is one of WiX’s premium functions and requires the right subscription. WIX won’t allow you to connect the free website tool to your domain.

Connecting your own domain to the WIX website tool

You have got two options here:

To connect your domain using Swizzonic name servers, please create the following three DNS records:
  • For, create an A-Record with the target:
  • For, create a CNAME with the target:
  • For, create a CNAME with the target:

You can edit the DNS Records under the following navigation point:


Then, for the desired domain, choose “edit name servers” and add the above-mentioned records.

Follow the WIX instructions

Connecting your domain to WIX name servers