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Who can I contact if I have a dispute with DOMAINs?

Please note that registrars such as Swizzonic are not the right address for settling disputes about DOMAINs. Registrars offer the possibility of registering domains and carry out this technically. However, the actual registration is carried out by persons and companies who are legally responsible for the DOMAINs.

In general, we recommend that you clarify any possible disputes about DOMAINs and the contents that can be found there directly with the owner of the DOMAIN/s concerned. You can find out the holder of a DOMAIN for most domain extensions by querying the so-called Whois database, a publicly accessible database of holders and administrators of domain names. For example, such a query is possible under

If no agreement could be reached, it is possible to appoint a specialized arbitration board for DOMAINs to settle the dispute, whereby there are various arbitration procedures and boards. The most important ones are:

They also have the opportunity to resolve conflicts through legal proceedings. However, the use of a dispute settlement body is often the quicker and cheaper option, especially for foreign domain holders.