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How can I create my very own internet presence?

Are you thinking about creating your own website but you don’t know where to start?

We will explain to you how you can create your very own internet presence.

1. Content Ideas

Whether you’re a firm, an association or a private person: having your own website is a must-have nowadays. Firstly, you will have to have an idea of what your online presence should contain.

  • Do you only want to display your products and services or should a customer be able to order them directly on your website?
  • Do you want to provide information about your association or do you want members to be able to actively upload pictures too?
  • Would you like to present yourself and simply build your personal image or do you want visitors to leave comments on your page?

2. Register a fitting DOMAIN

Besides having a structural and contentual idea of what your website should look like, you will need a definite address: The so-called domain name. The DOMAIN is composed of a second-level-domain and a top-level-domain. The second-level-domain can be individually chosen and is the term that “comes first” – for example “swizzonic” on The top-level-domain represents either a country – like .ch represents Switzerland – or a certain website category like “.com” for commercial pages, “.org” for organisations or “.name” for people.

The domain name is a very important feature for a successful internet presence.

Our tip: Choose a domain name that is

  • short
  • easy
  • legible
  • self explanatory

For example:,, or
A current trend is temporary websites for special occasions like weddings or christenings. These websites will be deleted once the event is over. A suitable domain name for an occasion like that could follow the patter of “”


Another piece of advice:
Domain names are distributed according to the “first come, first served” principle. If you have made a decision on a domain name, you should register it as soon as possible. In Switzerland you can do so on, where you can register your domain name with over 500 different and new endings. In addition, you can also make sure that the domain you’re looking for is still available.

3. Creating your website

You have thought about the purpose, target market, content and structure of your website and you have registered your desired domain?

Now you will have to decide between two things: do you want to create the website yourself or do you want a professional to do it for you?

This mostly depends on your technical know-how and how complex your website will need to be.


To create an attractive website, you don’t need any technical background knowledge.

Almost every hosting provider offers web design programs that include predefined templates, functions and structures. These tools enable you to create good looking websites with only a couple of clicks – including picture galleries, GoogleMaps, calendar functions, forms and sometimes even webshops.
As soon as you are done building your website, you can publish it online and modify it whenever you like. Swizzonic offers you the HomePageTool that is included in the product WEB.

Switches’ advice: If the tools offered in said web design programs are not complex enough for your website or you wish for more in depth functions like an extensive web-shop, database connections or multi media technologies, you’re probably best to consult a professional.

You wish to create a website with different functions and you have some technical know-how?

A Content Management System (CMS) would be the right tool for you. There are many different ones but be careful because CMS is not equal to CMS. Different aspects should be considered before committing to a specific one -we’ve compiled a list of the most important things to look at here. Different hosting providers will help you with this decision.

A tailor-made web presence and powerful online marketing tools, combined with top consulting offers Swizzonic: “PRESENCE is my subscription for a successful Internet presence. And therefore for business success.”


4. Publish your website online

You have now created your website using a CMS or a web designer/web agency. Now you have to look for a provider, whose servers will be hosting your website so that it can be accessed from all over the world.

This is our advice when choosing the right host:

  • You should be able to receive excellent and professional support regarding payments, changes, transfers etc. and there should be enough online support for you to manage even after office hours.
  • Customer Service: it is determined, friendly and competent to help you find a solution to any problem – regardless of how long it takes.
  • Safety: you have to be able to trust your host when it comes to virus and malware protection!
  • The host interacts with different web agencies
  • Climate-neutral hosting: especially today, ecological awareness is mandatory!