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How can I set up a backup copy/dump of my database?

1. Over PHPMyAdmin

You can create a dump of your database over the PHPMyAdmin-Interface. Please click on the point “export” and select “structure and data” there, so that the structure and also the content of the database will be exported.

2. Over SSH

After you configured the SSH access, you can execute a dump of your database over the SSH shell console with the following command:

mysqldump -h HOSTNAME -u db12345 -pPASSWORT db12345 > dump.sql

Please enter the correct database password, instead of “PASSWORD”. Please make sure that there is no space between the preceding “p” and the database password. Please substitute “HOSTNAME” with the currently valid host name. The host name varies depending on the MySQL version used:

  • Für MySQL3:
  • Für MySQL4:
  • Für MySQL5: