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How can I set up an e-mail address?

If you’ve got our product MAIL, you’re only a few clicks away from setting up your new e-mail address:

  • Log into your user account and click in the in the top section of the navigation on “MAIL/HEX-ADMIN”
  • Choose the DOMAIN with which you would like to create your e-mail address and click onto “create”.
  • On the following page, you are requested to fill in the boxes to your liking.
    Under “Mailbox Size” you can choose a size from 5MB to 6144MB (6GB). Please keep in mind the number of adresses you’d like to create. If you would like to create only one new e-mail adress you can choose 6144 MB. If you decide to create more than one, you should distribute the 6144 MB accordingly
  • Finish the set-up of your new e-mail accounts by clicking “save”.

You can receive, read and send your e-mails via Webmail. Furthermore you will be able to configure e-mail programs like Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird etc..