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How can I transfer the DOMAIN to another holder (change of holder)?

Change of holder for unpaid bankruptcy DOMAINs

Procedure for changing holders of unpaid DOMAINs during bankruptcy proceedings.

For unpaid DOMAINs, no holder changes are made – not even if the DOMAIN is to be transferred to another holder according to a bankruptcy office.

1. the new holder shall pay the outstanding amount of xx CHF with the ISR payment details (important – pay with ISR no. and additionally indicate the DN – because partial payment).
2. the new holder has to create a user account at Swizzonic – if he does not already have one
3. the new holder is supposed to give us the
Confirmation of payment mail to
mention the change of holder with a remark/reference to the letter of the bankruptcy office,
as well as its user ID at Swizzonic (destination for DOMAIN transfer).

We can then detach the DOMAINs from the collective invoice and change the holder for the DOMAIN.


A corresponding function is available for changing the holder of a domain from one Swizzonic customer to another Swizzonic customer.

Please proceed as follows for the transfer:

  • Navigate to “Managing DOMAINs”.
  • In the submenu, select “Change holder”.
  • Click the “New Transfer” button.
  • The list that appears gives you an overview of the status of current or failed transfers.
  • Select the domains to be transferred from your domain list and click “Next”.
    -Please note that DOMAINs protected with SAFE or assigned to one of the following products (LINK, WEB, MAIL, HEX, TOOL, SHOP, SECURE) cannot be transferred and are therefore grayed out. Domains with an open invoice are also not transferable. If you want to transfer these, you must first arrange the products away, or pay the outstanding invoice.

    • Select the recipient of the domain. This can be found using the Swizzonic customer number or the name and organisation of the recipient.
    • Verify and confirm the selected recipient
    • This triggers the holder change. The transmission takes a few hours. You can view the current status at any time on the overview page.
    • The successful transmission will also be confirmed in an e-mail.
    • From the overview you also have the possibility to view all completed domain transfers under “History”

Note the following:

For all domain extensions that are subject to ICANN guidelines, a 60-day transfer block will be activated for the WHOIS update associated with the transfer. This applies to all generic domains such as. com,. org,. net and most new DOMAINs.
Even with country-specific domains it is possible to send mails directly to the holder addresses. Please process them carefully.
No hosting products or settings can be transferred with the domains.
However, the name server entry remains unchanged.
If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone (0848 69 69 69) or by e-mail.