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How can I transfer a DOMAIN to Swizzonic?

Order a transfer code from your current registrar for the DOMAIN to be transferred.

Please create a user account with Swizzonic, if you should not yet have one.

Log into your user account and click on the navigation point “Management of DOMAINs” on the start page and then on “Transfer to Swizzonic”. In the following window, follow the instructions or enter the DOMAIN(s) with the authentication code in the corresponding field and confirm the desired transfer.

For some country domains the transfer takes place immediately, the existing remaining term is taken over and there is no extension for an additional year.

The transfer of generic domains (.com,.org,.net, etc.) as well as all new gTLDs usually takes at least 6 days. If the transfer was successful, the current subscription period is transferred and an additional period is invoiced.

The Name Server (DNS) settings are transferred with the domain and not switched to Swizzonic. If you want to add more products to your Swizzonic account later (e.g. WEB or MAIL), you will be able to choose whether you want to keep the existing name servers or Swizzonic name servers.