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Can I transfer a DOMAIN at any time?

There are several situations in which DOMAINs can not be transferred:

  • Typos in entering the DOMAIN or transfer code
  • Expired transfer code (some transfer codes are only valid for a restricted time-period)
  • The DOMAIN has not been paid yet with the actual registrar
  • The DOMAIN is deleted or it exists a scheduled termination
  • The .ch-DOMAIN has a special protection by OFCOM (eg municipality)
  • The DOMAIN was already transferred during the last 60 days
  • After a new registration of a DOMAIN ending with .asia, .biz, .com, .eu, .info, .me, .name, .net or .org the DOMAIN cannot be transferred again within 60 following days.

IMPORTANT: Please note that by transfering a .de DOMAIN you are going to loose the current subscription period. Tansfering a DOMAIN ending with .asia, .biz, .com, .de, .info, .me, .name, .net or .org the subscription period will be extended by one year and will charged correspondingly.