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How can I use my DOMAIN with

For your to able to use your DOMAIN with, you will have to link it to squarespace as follows.


Since squarepsace does not offer any name servers, it is necessary for you to purchase LINK or another Swizzonic hosting product to be able to connect your DOMAIN to a squarespace website

Step 1 – Link your DOMAIN up on squarespace

  • log onto
  • click onto “settings” then “domains”
  • then select “connect a third-party domain” and enter your DOMAIN into the box. Confirm by clicking “continue”
  • for “domain provider” choose the option “other” and confirm by clicking “connect domain”
  • a notification window will open which you will have to confirm by clicking “okay”

You will now receive a list of so-called Resource Records which you will have to enter into the “Basis Configuration” of your Swizzonic user account:

Step 2 – Adapt the basic configurations

see also: “LINK – Name-Server configuration

  • CNAME for
  • CNAME for
  • as well as all shown A-Records:


After having entered the Records in the basic configurations, you will have to wait for a moment or two – the entries are being distributed.

Step 3 – Check with squarespace

After the distributions of the records (which can take a few hours) you can click “REFRESH” on the website. If everything went accordingly, you will see the status “correct” on all of your entries.

DNS settings on

Your DOMAIN has been successfully linked to the website on

Further Information

Squarespace offers further information under the following link: