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I can’t find the IDN symbol on my keyboard

Not all characters are available on the keyboard. In Switzerland alone, there are four standards with different keyboard layouts. However, it can be assumed that a DOMAIN with Swedish special characters is registered by someone who has an appropriate keyboard. The same applies, for example, to Spanish or German characters. The following table provides explanations and input help for typing in all new characters.

On a PC, each character can also be entered as ASCII code via the numeric keypad. To do this, activate “Num Lock”, hold down the “Alt” key and type in “133”, for example. When you release the “Alt”-key the character à appears. On a notebook, first activate “Num Lock” with the “FN” key and also enter “133” in the block of ten with the “Alt” key.

Macintosh users can use the “Character Palette” to enter characters from different character sets.