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Create annual collective invoice

If you have registered multiple domains and hosting subscriptions at different times, you will receive separate invoices for each domain and hosting contract.

NEW: Pay all domain and hosting subscriptions altogether with one annual invoice.

Use this new function within your Swizzonic user account to generate an annual bill for your financial accounting.

Here’s how it works:

  1. In the navigation, click on Subscriptions to see all your domain contracts
  2. Open the Renewal Tab
  3. Select all domains you’d like to renew to get one annual invoice (note: Associated hosting products per domain/s are  automatically included for the renewal)
  4. Confirm our General Terms and Conditions and Select your preferred Payment method.
  5. Finalize your Order for the newly extended subscription period.

Repeat this procedure every year.



Please note:

– This manual collective renewal process enables you to renew multiple or all your Swizzonic domain contracts and associated hosting subscriptions for a year in advance.

– This collective invoice procedure to renew all your domain and hosting subscriptions at once is only possible, if all invoices for the current period are already paid. Only domain contracts (and associated hosting products per domain) that are already paid are eligible for a manual renewal and collective invoice.