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Customer Survey

Your opinion matters!

It is very likely that you have received an email like that from us before! Because every customer whose inquiry Swizzonic has answered in writing automatically takes part in the monthly customer survey. We have been conducting this survey since April 2017.

In addition to general questions, we offer you a platform to inform us more precisely about your concerns, wishes or problems. The results of the survey are evaluated every month and checked for customer-optimized improvements.

Many of these suggestions have already been incorporated into our system. The following improvements have already been implemented:

– Pluspoints as an attractive discount system
– Automatic cancellation of the invoice in the event of cancellation within the 30-day period following delivery of the invoice
– Improved transparency through mail delivery for incoming payments and deletions
– Improved user guidance (usability)
– Improved user account performance

Especially in the area of performance and usability there are still some improvements planned or already being implemented.

We welcome your suggestions, praise and criticism at any time under: