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What is the difference between the products MAIL and HEX?


The product MAIL contains:

  • 3 GB storage space.
  • You can link up to 10 different DOMAINs with it
  • and open as many email addresses as you like.

For example, if you created 10 email addresses, your mailbox would reach approx. 300 MB. Additionally, by configuring the email addresses, it is possible to use the local PC-storage space in an email program like Outlook, Apple Mail etc..


The product HEX is different. With this you order:

  • individual mailboxes a 25 GB or 3 GB (HEX-LIGHT)

Besides sending and receiving email messages on each configured device, the Hosted Exchange also exchanges calendars and contacts on each computer, tablet or smartphone. By ordering multiple HEX-mailboxes, you can release and share the calendars of different users amongst each other. Therefore you can keep track of dates and meetings of your co-workers.

Whether you have got MAIL or HEX – Swizzonic has got mail-traffic-restrictions. Detailed information can be viewed under the following link: HEX and MAIL restrictions

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