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Why has the DOMAIN transfer not worked?

There are some reasons why transfers of DOMAINs can fail. Following is an excerpt of the most common causes and what you can do in this case if transfers are not executed as desired:

  • Expired transfer code (for transfer codes with limited validity) or if a transfer code gets triggered multiple times at the registry (only the latest code is valid)
    • If the transfer code is expired, request a new one.
    • Ensure that the newest code is used for the transfer.


  • The domain has already been transferred less than 60 days ago
    • This block is usually visible in the WHOIS with the entry Client Prohibited. One of the reasons is a holder change and / or transfer not longer than 60 days ago. The regulation for this comes from ICANN and is listed under the following article at point 3.


  • Open invoices at the current registrar
    • Pay all the bills and try again.


  • DOMAINs specially protected by the registry
    • .ch/.li – At SWITCH, for example, these are community domains. These must be unlocked by the registrar at the registry so that a transfer is possible.
    • .swiss – Generic domains are generally subject to separate guidelines by OFCOM


  • Expiration of the transfer due to missing confirmation (generic DOMAINs)
    • When you entered the transfer code for your DOMAIN in your user account, an e-mail was automatically sent to the e-mail address of the holder and/or administrative contact. This contained further instructions to ensure the transfer of your DOMAINs. Since no confirmation was received from you, the request to transfer has expired. This is always the case after 15 days.Please check your contact email address that is currently on file with the DOMAIN. This must correspond with the email address displayed in our Whois directory. If the email address is not correct, please contact your current registrar.

For a complete list of all possible reasons, please see: Can I transfer DOMAINs at any time?