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FTP is short for “File Transfer Protocol”. With FTP, files, like e.g. HTML pages, pictures, or flash animations, are stored on a remote disk space.

If you have our product WEB, it easy to create a new FTP account:

Login to your account Swizzonic. Click on “WEB-ADMIN”, select “FTP access” and then click on “New Account“.

  • Host
    Find the values for the FTP-host on top in the table-header:

    FTP-Account Management [Server-IP:]
  • Choose a name and enter it in the box “FTP Username” behind the shown number.
  • Enter a password in the next box. Please note that this password is not to be confused with that of the Swizzonic login and must be at least 4 characters.
    Allowed characters are:

    • Capital letters A – Z
    • Lowercase a – z
    • Numbers 0 to 9
    • “.” (Point)
    • “-” (Hyphen)
    • “_” (Underscore)
  • Path
    If you want to access the “main” directory (a.k.a. root-directory), you can take the guideline “/”. If you would like to directly access a directory of your choice, please click onto the “edit” symbol and choose the directory of your choice.

Now click “save“.

Now you can establish a FTP connection, using an FTP program of your choice.

You will need the following information:

– Insert your DOMAINs you have got with Swizzonic as the Host Address/Server (e.g.: or, substitute “” with your DOMAIN)
– Your user name can be found in your user account on
For security reason password is no longer visible – please use stated hints of our GUI.

Log into your user account and choose the menu button “FTP Access”. By clicking onto the “Modify” symbol you can view all of the relevant information. You can also create new FTP access.

SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is available for the encryption of the FTP connection “Port 22″. With SFTP, the FTP connection is set up via an SSH tunnel. This way, the complete data transfer from and to a web server can be encrypted. Aside from the command channel, the data channel is also encrypted, i.e. the access data, as well as the actual data, are transferred in encrypted form!

You only need one FTP access for your web space and an SFTP capable FTP programme, like e.g. FileZilla, to be able to utilise SFTP.

There could be numerous reasons, why the set up of a connection via FTP is not possible. Below, we would like to show you some of these reasons, as well as offer advice on how these can be cleared up:

  • Access data
    First of all, please check the accuracy of the used access data. You can access these with the menu item “FTP Access” in the account.
  • Security software (Firewall, Virus scanner)
    If the set up of an FTP connection continues to be impossible, installed security software, e.g Firewall or virus scanner, should be temporarily deactivated for testing purposes, if necessary. If a dial-up is possible with the deactivated security software, please check the documentation of the software or contact the manufacturer of the software to find out, how to configure it, so that an FTP connection can be established, even with an activated Firewall/Virus scanner. Frequently, a change of transfer mode (active/passive) within the FTP programme is sufficient, since the other mode of the Firewall may be blocked.
  • Too many simultaneous connections
    For security reasons, there is a limit of no more than five simultaneous FTP connections per IP address on our servers. If you receive an error message during your attempt to log in, close still existing connections first of all. Then the dial-up should be possible without any problems.