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How can I switch my web hosting or my email addresses to Swizzonic?

If you plan everything ahead, the transfer will be quick and easy. Please keep the following things in mind:

  • The DOMAIN needs to be registered with Swizzonic in order to use the hosting products
  • When you transfer to a different provider, your files will NOT be transferred. You will have to save all files (WEB & MAIL) temporarily, until the service is available again.
  • The service can be interrupted. If you thoroughly plan the transfer, the interruption can be minimised.
  • If you allocate but one hosting product (WEB or MAIL), Swizzonic name severs will automatically be assigned to the DOMAIN. In that case the name servers will have to be adapted.

Detailed Procedure:

1. Backup all of your data and files (Web and/or Mail)
2. Transfer your DOMAIN
3. Allocate the desired hosting products
4. Upload the data/files from your backup (Web and/or Mail)

Important Information:

  • Carry out the transfer at a point in time when your website and email is the least frequented
  • Expect an interruption of your service. The new name server entry has to distributed worldwide. This will take a few hours – in extreme cases up to 48h.
  • There is an hourly zonefile-reload by the registry for your .ch-DOMAINs