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How do I manage my DOMAINs?

Do you want to manage the domain technically (e. g. name servers) or do you want to manage the domain subscriptions?

Manage domains

You can manage your DOMAINs technically via the navigation point “Manage Domains”.

In addition to the administration of name servers, you can also transfer domains to Swizzonic or transfer domains to another holder (for a change of holder between Swizzonic customers, no transfer with transfer code is necessary). The export of the domain portfolio as CSV is also possible here. If you are a provider yourself, you can manage your own name servers under HOSTs (Glue Records).

Manage Domain Subscriptions

With the navigation point “Subscriptions” you can manage your domains in terms of duration, renewal, deletion and reactivation.

Extensions do not have to be done manually. Without a cancellation your domain will be renewed automatically. You will receive an invoice about 54 days before the subscription date. You still have 30 days to cancel your subscription after receiving the invoice.

Cancellations of subscriptions are always possible with immediate effect at the end of the subscription period.

You can also reactivate domains (e. g. due to an erroneously entered cancellation or due to deletion at the end of the subscription in case of non-payment) in the “Subscriptions” area. Please note that reactivations are subject to a fee and will only be carried out after the reactivation fees have been paid.