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Your Internet Presence: Four steps to your website

No matter whether you are a large multinational company, a public administration, a one-man or one-woman business or a private individual, there is one question you cannot avoid: how can I benefit from having my own presence in the internet? And what precisely do I intend to achieve through it? Even if you are just a private individual or a small business, it is a simple and easy matter to set up your own website. Once you are ready to go ahead, there are four things you will still need to do:

  1. Firstly, the idea for the website and the
    decision to go ahead with it
  2. An address at which internet users will be able to find your website
  3. The website itself, which will need planning, designing and maintenance
  4. A place for saving your website, from where others will be able to call it up

To help you, we have put together all the information you are going to need for taking the first steps towards your internet presence. Click here to download it:

Your Internet Presence (PDF)