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Let’s Encrypt; SSL Encryption

Let’s Encrypt is a project of the non-profit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).
With the support of Mozilla, the Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF and some companies, every interested party should receive a TLS certificate free of charge in order to be able to encrypt connections to the web pages between server and browser via “https”.

The project is considered to have the potential to achieve standard encryption of the entire web. Although the project left the beta phase last April (2016) according to our own statements, we do not believe that it is yet 100% suitable for mass production.

This has led to a number of disturbances and accusations, some of which also concern other free certificates. Article (in German): Let’s Encrypt: Immer mehr Phishing-Seiten beantragen Zertifikate by // SSL-Zertifikate-Verwirrung bei Let’s Encrypt und Symantec).

However, we are monitoring further developments. Whether and in which period a possible introduction takes place is open.

Until then, we rely on our proven Starfield Technologies certificates: