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Limits for e-mail traffic

Following are the email sending limits of the products MAIL and HEX:

  • you can not add more than 100 recipients per email. If you add more than 100 recipients, we can not guarantee the correct sending of the email.
  • Each return address can send a maximum of 2’000 emails per hour. Does the address reach that limit, it will be blocked for one hour.
  • Each return address can send a maximum of 5’000 emails a day.
  • Each incoming and outgoing email will be checked for spam and denied if needed.

You can send and receive emails with a size up to 50MB. You need to note the following: Due to the Base64 encoding of each email, there will be an overhead of about 1/3 which means that each attachment should not exceed 35MB.

These limits can not be altered.

Newsletter mail-order

If you plan on regularly sending out newsletters, we suggest you use one of the following providers:

Advantages of a newsletter software

  • Extensive evaluations
  • No recipient limit
  • Templates
  • A/B-Tests
  • etc.