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Mandatory email distribution regarding gTLD DOMAINs

Wrong holder contact information and/or unintended transfers can make you lose your domain name. You most certainly want to avoid that.

That is why ICANN (the regulation authority of gTLDs) obliges all registrars, including us, to send certain emails to their customers.

Those emails are listed in the table below. The sender address will be Swizzonic AG PLUS the below listed email address of our partner (1API GmbH).

Have you received one of these emails before? Please click onto the link of the email concerned to receive detailed information on how to act and what to do next.

Email typeShort descriptionSubjectSender address
Whois Data Reminder (WDRP)Checking up on the public Whois dataWDRP Notice {DOMAIN}
Standardized Form of Authorization (FOA)Verification of a DOMAIN transferTransfer request fuer: {DOMAIN}
Expired Registration Recovery (ERRP)Information about forthcoming subscription renewal IMPORTANT - Domain Renewal
Verfication of Contact Information (VCI)Verification of the registrant's contact informationDie Verifizierung Ihrer Domains ist erforderlich - {DOMAIN} or ACTION REQUIRED - Registrant
Acceptance and Confirmation for Change of Registrant RequestAuthorisation for the modification of contact data of your domainAcceptance and Confirmation for Change of Registrant