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Name mandate for generic .swiss DOMAINs

Registration process for generic .swiss DOMAINs

OFCOM decides whether a term is classified as generic. Therefore, a registration application must also be submitted for these terms first (IMPORTANT: only if the term has not yet been evaluated by OFCOM and classified as generic, otherwise you can continue at point 3).

Overview of the process:

  1. Submit a registration application to if the term has not yet been evaluated by OFCOM and classified as generic, otherwise you can continue under point 3.
  2. Within 10 days, OFCOM can be expected to confirm whether the term is classified as generic. In individual cases, this process can take longer.
  3. If the desired term has been classified as generic, you can participate in a name assignment mandate.
  4. OFCOM publishes a list of pending name allocation mandates. A separate application can be submitted to OFCOM for such an ongoing mandate at any time.
  5. The costs for name allocation mandates for generic DOMAINs have been adjusted in accordance with the complex allocation procedure. You will find the prices in chapter 5.
  6. Upon completion of the procedure, the successful applicant receives an activation code. Please send it to us.
  7. Usage obligation for the use of DOMAINs

Below you will find detailed descriptions of the individual process steps:

The registration process in detail

1. Make a registration request

The registration request is binding and corresponds to our GTC. If the term is not classed as generic by the OFCOM, it can go through the normal registration process.

2. Pre-check by OFCOM

This pre-check is completed by the OFCOM keeping to the following conditions:

Generic terms that are not of special interest for parts or the whole of the Swiss community will generally NOT be authorised to be registered as a .swiss DOMAIN. However, brands and companies with a generic name that are not of special interest can still be registered as long as there are no misunderstandings regarding third parties or as long as it won’t lead to an online competitive advantage for one group.

Generic terms that are of special interest for parts or the whole of Swiss community can generally be registered with a name mandate as of 11. January 2016.

That includes terms that generally refer to a category or type of goods (e.g. chocolate, biscuits, pizza, watches), services (e.g. bank, finance, hairdresser, insurance), people or communities (e.g. consumers, lawyers, students, families), organisations (e.g. universities, associations, clubs), things (e.g. machines, tools, vehicles), subject areas (e.g. bakery, carpentry, contract workers) or activities (e.g. football, sports, yoga).

A mandate can include multiple similar DOMAINs in German, French, Italian and English.

3. Participating at the name mandate allocation

Anyone applying for DOMAINs assigned by mandate must submit a draft mandate to the registry operator and provide evidence of compliance with the requirements for the administration of such names.

These are:

  • Applicants must represent all or a considerable part of the group of persons concerned or be supported by this group of persons;
  • the use of the DOMAINs and the services they offer benefit the entire group of persons concerned;
  • the project must provide added value for the relevant group of people and for the Swiss community;
  • the application meets OFCOM’s requirements for the quality of the DOMAIN or the planned project;
  • the general and specific provisions for the allocation of a DOMAIN are fulfilled;
  • Applicants must ensure that the provisions of the 2nd title of the Trademark Protection Act of 28 August 1992 are complied with for all products offered through the DOMAINs whose designation refers to a product, its characteristics or to a product category.

Applicants may choose how they wish to demonstrate compliance with the requirements for the administration of such names. You also specify all associated DOMAINs that you want to integrate into the name assignment mandate in German, French, Italian or English.

Please send the applications to the following address: with a copy to0

4. List of the pending name mandate allocations

The registry operator publishes the applications for the name allocation mandates.

The first list will be published in January 2016. The generic names can only be allocated by mandate from the date of the general opening of the DOMAIN, i.e. from 11 January 2016.

Other applicants may apply for the same DOMAIN within 20 days of publication.

In addition, any problems regarding an application can be reported to the address of the registry operator

5. Costs for a generic .swiss DOMAIN

  • One-off fee for the DOMAIN Group, which is allocated under the name allocation mandate (incl. prior advice): CHF 4,990 incl. VAT (this must only be paid if the DOMAINs are also allocated)
  • annual subscription fee for the DOMAIN Group, which is awarded under the name allocation mandate.
    – first DOMAIN package of 5: CHF 630 incl. VAT
    – each additional DOMAIN package of 5: CHF 370 incl. VAT

6. Activation after successful application

Once the successful application has been completed, OFCOM will send the holder an activation code with which the DOMAIN(s) can be activated in our system. Please send us this request immediately after receipt.

7. Usage obligation for the use of generic .swiss DOMAINs

The lifetime of a DOMAIN allocated with a name allocation mandate is limited. The DOMAINs are also subject to a duty of use and the registry operator regularly checks compliance with the requirements and implementation of the proposed project. In the event of non-compliance, a new invitation to tender may be issued.