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What new gTLDs can i register and how can I reserve an upcoming new gTLDs at Swizzonic?

New generic Top-Level Domains specified as new gTLDs are descriptive domain extensions released by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) after an application process initiated in 2012 in order to create alternatives to .com, .net, .org and other preexisting extensions.

The availability of hundreds of new TLDs enables you to choose a easy-to-remember domain for your website and to better stand out with your online-presence. Also you are no longer limited to use the commonly and quite saturated gTLDs (e.g. .com, .net., .org).

Visit our domain shop and select a new gTLD or pre-register one of the upcoming and soon-to-be-released new gTLD’s that would best fit to your brand, cause and/or lifestyle.

We’ve divided the new gTLDs into following categories

  • Countries/Cities/Regions
  • Generic
  • Business/Industries/Education
  • Shops
  • Web/E-Business
  • Services
  • Leisure/Hobby/Lifestyle
  • Sports
  • Travel & Transportation
  • Community
  • Food

How can I reserve new DOMAINs?

  1. Log into your Swizzonic account or if not existing, simply open a new user account on our website
  2. Open Manage DOMAINs in your navigation menue
  3. Tap on Reservation of DOMAIN in the sub-menue and add a new request for expression of interest
  4. Enter your desired domain address and select a new gTLD  in the drop down menue
  5. Finalize through button click request

We will then accept your non-binding application for reservation and will inform you upon official launch of the new domain extension whether your domain name is ready for final registration.

It is then up to you to convert your expression of interest into a binding domain registration. The annual domain fee will only be charged once registered.

Stay at the forefront of trends and movements by entering new domain territories. Secure now a new, creative and exciting domain extension for your business or cause and benefit from our many years of knowledge and high-performance of much proven domain reservation and registration service.