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What notice periods apply to DOMAINs?

A DOMAIN (as well as a hosting product) must be cancelled at least 35 days before the subscription is renewed. Otherwise, the subscription period will be automatically renewed and charged for. The amount is owed in this case, even if the DOMAIN or the hosting product is subsequently cancelled by you. Please note that Swizzonic deletes DOMAINs and hosting products in case of non-payment. Even after the deletion, you still owe Swizzonic the amounts invoiced up to then.

If products are cancelled during a current subscription period, there is no right to a refund of the subscription fee already paid.

DOMAINs and products may be terminated immediately or at the end of the subscription period. To do this, call up “Subscriptions” in your user account. Here you will find all your current subscriptions. If you click on “Delete”, a pop-up window opens up and you’ll have the choice to delete by the end of the current subscription period or by immediate effect.

You can also cancel a scheduled termination under Subscriptions.
Or you can execute a scheduled deletion immediately at any time. To do this, you can continue to use the “Delete” button for a scheduled subscription.