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Order SWIZZ Hosting

Order and activate the new SWIZZ hosting

Simply follow the individual steps and screenshots to order and activate your SWIZZ hosting.


Log in:

Log in to your user account on the following page: If you do not have a user account yet, you may open one at any time and free of charge on the following page:

Order SWIZZ Hosting product:

If you were able to successfully log in to your user account, you can now choose and order the SWIZZ Hosting offer you want under “Purchase of Products”, then at “Mail and Web Hosting”. It may take a small moment for the new hosting to become active.

Assign product to domain:

Under “Manage Products”, then at the submenu item “DOMAIN-product-assignment”, the new, previously ordered product can now be assigned to SWIZZ via the button “Assign/Edit products”.

Open Hosting Control Panel:

After the product has been ordered and assigned to the desired domain, you will now find on the “Home” page a “CPANEL” button in the “SWIZZ Hosting” section. Click on it to open the new cPanel. With the cPanel you’ll have the ability to control your hosting, websites, e-mail addresses and much more.

Manage and configure hosting:

From step 4, everything then takes place directly in the cPanel. In the cPanel, the first thing you can, or rather must, do is add the domain. This time, the product is not assigned to the domain, but the domain is added or set up in the new hosting, so that websites, e-mail addresses, etc. can be created with it afterwards. Now click on “Domains” in the opened cPanel, then on the blue button “Create a new Domain” and enter the desired domain, without www. (e.g. “”). Finally, click on “Submit” to add the domain to the hosting.

Configure domain and DNS:

In order for the domain to be routed to the new SWIZZ hosting, the last step is to adjust the DNS settings to the new IP address. You can find the IP address valid for your hosting directly on the main page in the cPanel, on the right side:


To do this, please change the DNS zone of the domain(s) assigned to SWIZZ as follows:

@ A 195.16.xx.x (for your correct IP address, see the instructions above, “Final step”).
www CNAME domain.tld.
ftp CNAME domain.tld.
mail CNAME domain.tld.
@ MX 10 domain.tld.
@ TXT ”v=spf1 ~all” (Attention: If you only want to use mail on the cPanel and operate the website externally, then the SPF record should be added. Otherwise, mails from web forms or from the website will not arrive.)