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Our product smart@work

A short overview of our product smart@work can be found on the product page.

Install smart@work (Office365) on your devices

On this page you`ll find answers on the the frequently asked questions.

The acquired Microsoft Office 365 license concerning products like Microsoft Word, Excel and Power point are individual-related. They can be used by one person following the 5+5+5 rule (5 computers, 5 tablets, 5 smartphones).

If there is at least one smart@work licence in your user account you can also acquire the following services:

(These additional services do not include an Office licence)

  • Exchange Mailbox 50GB – CHF 180.- / a year.
  • OneDrive 1TB – CHF 89.- / a year.
  • OneDrive unlimited – CHF 179.- / a year

Further services upon request.

The available memory is divided as follows:

  • 50GB Exchange Mailbox.
  • 1TB OneDrive (Cloud) per licence / Mailbox.
  • 1TB Sharepoint for the organisation, as well as a further 500MB per licence.
  • 50MB Shared Calendar

When using the smart@work product and the associated instance of Office 365, you can share files and folders on the sharepoint or team application in the following scenarios:

  • Anonymous sharing via link. This means that anyone who receives this link (as long as it is valid) can access the corresponding data.
  • Sharing with authenticated people who have an Office365 account or a Microsoft Live account. This data can then only be accessed by means of a login.
  • Sharing with other users in your organization who also have an Office 365 account.

Skype for Business contains features with which you can organise Webinars or conferences. You can also redirect Skype calls onto any phone number.

However, it is not possible to redirect landline calls to Skype.

With Sharepoint you can create organisation pages. These can be private or public. You can also share them with others or access them within your organisation on different Office 365 accounts.

It is possible to create an undefined amount of teams. A team enables you to create communication channels that can be extended using external media (e.g. Github, Trello, RSS or other applications).

Additionally you can directly share links or files within a team.

It is also possible for guests to be part of a team even if they don’t belong to the same organisation.

Sharepoint has got a limitation of 20’000 per created team.

Office365 offers a wide range of different applications that can be discovered and used on A few examples are:

  • Bookings (online planner, that facilitates the organisation and administration of meetings in a small company)
  • Planner (shift planner, and easy and visual way to organise your employees or your own shifts)
  • Forms (enables you to create surveys, quizzes and votations)