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Our product WEB Swiss

This article refers to the product WEB Swiss.

Please note that if you are using the old product WEB, and wish to migrate to this new product – you can find out more about the process via the link: Migration from WEB to WEB Swiss

You can get all the details about the product inside of your user account.

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DNS management of WEB Swiss

A free Let’s Encrypt certificate is automatically added to every website. Please note that it takes some time after the assignment and activation of the website.

Since first the name servers must propagate (2 hours – 48 hours) and only then the SSL certificate can become active.

At the moment the file/folder access is only possible via FTP.

For the connection you only need the following information:

  • Host (default: )
  • Username
  • Password

User name and password are defined when creating the access in the user account under WEB Admin > FTP.


We recommend the client “FileZilla” in connection with FTP.

You can download it from (direct link).

To establish the connection, you can either use the quick link at the top of the page to enter the host (IP), user name and your defined password and connect.

Or you can call the site manager via the icon and save the configuration there, so that you can access it again at any time.

In the near future it will also be possible to access it via SFTP and an integrated file manager.

Access via SSH is not planned at the moment.

In the security area, the results of the regular examinations of your WEB Swiss hosting are displayed.

Thus, in case of an infection, you have all the necessary information and can perform an appropriate cleanup.

Additionally, it is possible for you to activate the e-mail notification, which will inform you as soon as harmful files or unsafe outdated applications have been found on your hosting.

You can store your own / individual settings for the HTTP error codes for your web pages.

It is possible for you to choose one of the following 3 options:

  • Default (predefined error page).
  • Internal URL (URL to an individual error page within your hosting)
  • External URL (URL to an individual error page outside of your hosting).

In the Password Protection section, you are able to provide folders/areas of your choice with htaccess/htpasswd password protection as well as manage them clearly.

You can define the following values:

  • Title
  • Password protected folder
  • Username
  • Password

Server statistics for your hosting are disabled by default. This is setup this way for privacy reasons.

You are free to activate them in the Statistics section.

Here you can keep track of filtered values for bandwidth and disk space.

Cron jobs are automated jobs that you can run on your hosting. Thus, they can be used for calling a backup script or something else.

Should you prefer another one for your hosting instead of the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. So the SSL certificates section provides you with the possibility to integrate them on the server.


We offer you up to 6 different certificate types tailored to your needs:


DOMAIN Validation

Ideal for individuals

  • DV SSL
  • DV SSL Wildcard

Organizational Validation

The certificate for companies / organizations

  • Instant SSL
  • Premium SSL Wildcard

Extended Validation

The best certificate for companies

  • EV SSL

You can find more details on under the following link:

Zu unseren SSL Zertifikaten