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Payment reminder

For various reasons and without malicious intent it can happen that a payment has not reached Swizzonic. Either the invoice has been lost or a payment has not been executed – but there are also incorrect transfers, etc..

In the absence of receipt of payment, Swizzonic therefore points out the circumstance by asking you to check the case and, if necessary, to contact us.

Swizzonic sends two payment reminders by e-mail.

If no payment has been received by the second payment reminder and the corresponding subscriptions have not been cancelled or not within the period of notice, Swizzonic has already incurred costs for the provision of the service. The 3rd reminder is sent by registered letter plus reminder charges of CHF 30.00 as compensation for the expenses incurred by Swizzonic.

If your payment is not made by the end of this payment period, Swizzonic deletes the products and assigns the claim to the debt collection company eCollect AG, Chaltenbodenstrasse 16, 8834 Schindellegi.