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Is it possible to install a SSL certificate on an external hosting?

It is possible to have an SSL certificate by Swizzonic to use your own server. You will need to fulfil a few conditions.

  • Since the verification is done via a DNS record, you will have to allocate the hosting product and Swizzonic name servers to the respective DOMAIN.
  • If the Zertifikate is meant for a subdomain, you will have to create it first. The product LINK allows you to create subdomains.

Please indicate your server type so we can create an optimised certificate for you.

– Apache + ApacheSSL
– Apache + MOD SSL
– Apache + OpenSSL
– Apache + Raven
– Apache + SSLeay
– Apache2, Nginx, Lighttpd
– C2Net Stronghold
– Cobalt Series
– Cpanel
– Ensim
– Hsphere
– iPlanet Server 4.1
– Ipswitch
– Lotus Domino Go 4.6+
– Lotus Domino Go
– Lotus Domino Go
– Microsoft Internet Information Server
– Netscape Enterprise/FastTrack
– O’Reilly Website Professional
– Plesk
– Tomcat
– Weblogic – all versions
– Webstar
– Zeus v3+
– other