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PRIVACY service package

When registering a DOMAIN, the holder’s address and, for some top level domains, the e-mail address and telephone number of the holder are published in the public whois. With PRIVACY you can protect your personal data.

This means that your contact data remains under lock and key at Swizzonic and the address of a representative is entered in the registry. In this way, the address of the representative is displayed in the public whois and your address remains hidden.

  • The PRIVACY option can be used for the TLDs listed below
  • You remain the legal owner of DOMAIN
  • Anonymity and privacy towards third parties is protected
  • No identity theft and domain hijacking
  • Minimize junk mail, spam and fraud
  • No calls from telemarketers
  • The price and further information can be found on our Swizzonic product page under:

The following TLDs can be registered with the PRIVACY option: