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Why do I receive an e-mail with the subject: “ACTION REQUIRED – Registrant Verification” or “Die Verifizierung Ihrer Domains ist erforderlich”

In the past days you have received an e-mail from Swizzonic with the title „ACTION REQUIRED – Registrant Verification“ or “Die Verifizierung Ihrer Domains ist erforderlich” from the e-mail address

The background of this e-mail is that we have made a system change and now collaborate with a new partner regarding the DOMAINs of other TLDs. Unfortunately, this partner must send you these e-mails due to a new requirement of the regulatory authority ICANN. It says, that any registration or change to a DOMAIN needs to be confirmed by the holder, which means that also other changes to your domains will trigger this e-mail to you automatically.

Please confirm your contact information by clicking on the link in the e-mail.Afterwards you will be forwarded to a website of, that looks like the following:

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 09.50.29

By doing this you have satisfied the requirements of the new ICANN regulation.

If the registration or modification by clicking on the link is not confirmed within 2 weeks, the domain can be further managed only to a limited extent. You will receive a second call to confirm the registration or modification and if this second review period expires without confirmation, the domain will be deactivated.

To avoid unnecessary activities, we ask that you please make the confirmation as soon as possible. Many Thanks!

We apologise for the inconvenience.

—— The wording of the e-mail is the following —————————————————–

Dear ….

You have registered a new DOMAIN with Swizzonic or you have modified your contact information for an existing DOMAIN. Following the new regulations of ICANN [1], the new registration or modification has to be confirmed. In order to confirm the contact information, please click on the link below:….

As long as the registration or modification is not confirmed, you will not be able to administer your DOMAIN. The DOMAIN will be deactivated its respective Verification Deadline. Date.

Only one confirmation is required, even if you have modified your contact information for several DOMAINs. The concerned DOMAINs are listed below.

Verification Deadline Date  / DOMAINs

2015-03-xx xx:xx:xx DOMAIN….
2015-03-xx xx:xx:xx DOMAIN….

Please contact us for more information regarding this e-mail.

Kind regards


Swizzonic Ltd.



Phone: +41 848 69 69 69

Terms and Conditions of your DOMAIN registration are available on:

General Terms and Conditions