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.swiss: Information for a successful registration

The OFCOM is the registry for the new domain ending .swiss. There is a vast difference between the registration process of a dot-swiss DOMAIN and a “normal” DOMAIN.

Since the Top-Level-Domain .swiss is also a gTLD, it is under the rules of the registration authorities ICANN. That is why we are obliged to send you certain emails. Including the “Verification of Contact Information”.

All of the information

The main differences of the allocation process are:

  • Direct registrations are not possible! You can only apply for registration. The whole registration process (from applying to the allocation) can take at least 25 days.
  • Each application is verified by the OFCOM according to strictly defined criteria.
  • The order of registration is irrelevant. The OFCOM will publish each application for 20 days. During that time other people can submit applications or object your request. After that period, the allocation can be finalised.
  • The DOMAIN has to consist of 3 – 63 characters.
  • For generic terms (e.g. Hotel, Taxi) there is a special procedure, the so-called naming mandate.
  • The transfer of .swiss DOMAINs is not planned
  • There is no registration possibility for private people at this point in time.

The following applicants are authorised for registration applications:

  1. Public corporate bodies like the confederation, cantons, municipalities and their activities as well as other public organisations like foundations and associations.
  2. Companies registered in the commercial register with a seat and administrational seat in Switzerland. That includes corporate bodies as well as registered foundations and associations as well as registered individual firms.
  3. Foundations and associations that are not registered.

Registration requests can only be made for terms that fall into one of these categories:

  • Terms that are connected to a public corporate body and its activities
  • Brands protected in Switzerland
  • Names of foundations and associations
  • Firms that are registered in the Swiss commercial register
  • Geographical terms
  • Terms, that are directly linked to the applicant and its intended use

There has to be an objective connection between the domain name

Needed customer information for a registration request

  • desired domain
  • Swizzonic user ID (physical address must be in Switzerland)
  • Company Identification Number UID (you can apply for said UID at the BFS)
  • name server to activate the domain

An overview of the registration process

  1. Registration request by an authorised applicant
  2. Completeness check by Swizzonic
  3. preliminary review by OFCOM – should there be a generic term, the name mandate will be activated
  4. Publication of the domain for 20 days by OFCOM. During that time other applicants can submit a competing application
  5. After the expiration of the deadline, the OFCOM will allocate the domains. Should there be any competing applications, a specific process will be started.

Name Mandate Applications (Generic terms)
The OFCOM will publish a list of all generic terms. As an applicant you can suggest other terms that can then be added to said list.


  1. Standard Allocation
    • annual subscription fee for a domain: CHF 120, including VAT
  2. With name mandate
    • one-off fee for the domain group that is assigned by the name mandate (incl. consultation): CHF 4’990, including VAT (will only have to be paid if the DOMAINs are actually assigned)
    • annual subscription fee for the DOMAIN Group, which is awarded under the name mandate.
      – First 5 DOMAIN package: CHF 630 incl. VAT
      – every other 5 DOMAIN package: CHF 370 incl. VAT


  • On 11.01.2016 the general opening for registration applications began
  • Ongoing publication of registration applications for 20 days on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. at
  • The domains will be activated by the registry after the publication phase on Thursday.
  • If the application for registration is rejected, the applicant may lodge an objection with OFCOM within 30 days of the date of the negative decision. OFCOM will then re-examine the application and issue an order.

Who can benefit from a .swiss DOMAIN?

  • For the Swiss tourism industry
  • For all brand owners for whom “Swissness” is important
  • For public institutions in Switzerland
  • For organisations that want to show their relationship to Switzerland

For private individuals or companies that are only active in Switzerland and already have a meaningful .ch DOMAIN, that is sufficient until further notice. Further alternatives are offered by the many matching new generic domain names.