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.swiss – two years later

The new top level domain .swiss has been introduced to the market for a bit more than two years now. OFCOM has released this domain extension in addition to the country domain .ch, in order for Swiss companies to present and popularise themselves on the Internet.

The watch industry, car importers and breweries are a few of the successful Swiss industries that use a .swiss domain to showcase quality at home and abroad. Two years after the launch it is evident, that the DOMAIN keeps its promises. Abroad, the recognition value of “.swiss” domains is higher than that of “.ch” domains. Swiss companies of different industries can therefore establish their business on a national level with a simple domain extension.

.swiss with Swizzonic

Since the registration start of the DOMAIN, Swizzonic is an accredited registrar and will be glad to help you with all things application and registration of .swiss domains.

The registration process of this domain is quite different to that of a regular domain extension. The registry OFCOM has decided that only companies, associations, public corporations, and foundations headquartered in Switzerland are able to successfully register a .swiss DOMAIN.  Also, there has to be an objective relation between the domain name and the applicant of that domain. That is expressed by the correspondent name or brand rights.

–> on the following page you will find all facts and figures on the .swiss domain and if you are eligible for application: .swiss Facts + Figures

There are special rules for domain names with generic character and those that are of special interests to the whole or part of the Swiss community (e.g. hotel, taxi, lawyer). You can find a more detailed description of that process under “Name mandate for generic .swiss domains” and read how the registration of domain names with generic characters are handled by the OFCOM.