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Does Swizzonic support the DNSSEC of my .ch-DOMAIN?

The Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) are a set of Internet standards that extend the Domain Name System (DNS) with security mechanisms to ensure the authenticity and integrity of data.

A DNS subscriber can use them to verify that the DNS zone data received is identical to that authorized by the creator of the zone. DNSSEC was developed as a remedy for cache poisoning. It secures the transfer of resource records by means of digital signatures. No authentication of servers or clients takes place.

Swizzonic supports the signing of domains with DNSSEC. However, this is only possible with external hosting, as the products WEB and TOOL are currently not yet compatible.


Prerequisite for the connection of DNSSEC


  • External Hosting (Not products WEB or TOOL from Swizzonic)
  • External name servers

For .ch / .li

  • DS Key (Zone Signing Public Key) also known as DS Records.

For all other TLDs

  • DS Key (Zone Signing Public Key) also known as DS Records.
  • The DNSKEY (Key Signing Public Key), namely the KSKs and/or ZSKs


For .ch and .li domains, we have an interface in the user account that allows you to activate DNSSEC independently.

You can find this interface in the user account under:
“Administration of DOMAINs” > “Edit” > “DNSSEC

Here you can store your entries using 2 options:

1) (recommended) via the “Check” button

After clicking this button, you will be presented with the possible DS Records that are available for selection. Here you can then select the entry defined by your hoster and send it to the registry.

2) Via the text field DS-Records

Here it would be necessary to enter the DS-record according to the default in the field and send it. Please note that the entry must effectively correspond to the specification in order to be accepted.

keyTag // algorithm // digestType // digest
Format: 51945 13 2 6AB965B54EDB2534E44DC9B2B1FD2A4E3F

After sending, the propagation begins, which can take up to 12/24 hours.

You can check this with external services such as

This process is currently still carried out by our customer service.

Please send us a message from the e-mail address stored in your user account with the following information to

  • domain name
  • DS KEY

Please note that we do not perform DNSSEC installations on Friday. This to ensure that we can support you on the following days in case of challenges.