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TOOL Premium – Change from the old to the new Sitebuilder

If you are currently still using the previous Sitebuilder TOOL for your website and are considering switching to the new Sitebuilder, we would like to point out the following.

Due to extensive updates in the Sitebuilder, the old version is not compatible with the new one, i.e. upgrading from the old Sitebuilder to the new requires a complete restart of your website.

But don’t worry, with the new Sitebuilder you’ll be back online in no time thanks to the pre-built content blocks.

We therefore recommend you to do the following before the changeover:

Back up / copy the contents of your previous website locally.
This allows you to easily and quickly transfer the contents of your old page to the new page.

  • texts
  • images
  • links

After that, please send us a message to so that we can delete the old sitebuilder and activate the new sitebuilder.

For more information about TOOL, see here

We understand that the changeover will involve a short period of adjustment and certainly one or two questions.

  • For further information and assistance you can contact our support team. We will be happy to advise you on the changeover. email:

We thank you for your understanding./strong>


If you are not sure which Sitebuilder you are on:

Old Sitebuilder


New Sitebuilder