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How do I transfer a DOMAIN from Swizzonic to another registrar?

For a transfer to another registrar a transfer code is required. You can create the transfer code for your DOMAIN directly in your user account as follows:

• Go to “Manage DOMAIN”
• Click on the right of the DOMAIN on “EDIT DOMAIN”
• Select the “Transfer” tab
• Now click on “GENERATE”

You can now forward this transfer code to the new registrar so that the transfer can be started.

If a Swizzonic hosting product WEB / LINK / MAIL / HEX is still assigned to your DOMAIN, please note the following: a prerequisite for all Swizzonic hosting products is that the domain linked to it is registered with Swizzonic, so your hosting product will be will no longer be functional after the transfer of the associated DOMAIN. We therefore recommend that you make a backup of your mail / web data before the transfer in order not to suffer any data loss, as well as canceling the remaining hosting product (unless you are using it with another domain that is still active with us).

The transfer takes from a few minutes to several days. This depends on the policies of the registry that is responsible for the administration of the corresponding domain ending.

If you encounter problems during a transfer from Swizzonic to another registrar, your new registrar can help you. Only your new registrar has the necessary logs to identify the error.