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Turn off old versions of PHP

Update your PHP version in your user account
Outdated PHP versions will be disabled.

Lately, you might have seen some red highlighted notes indicating older PHP versions within the “Basic Configuration” under the “Administration of product” in your user account.

These older versions will be deactivated in batches from 11.11.2020.

For PHP versions 5 and 7.0 security support has already been discontinued. We hereby also like to inform you, that for PHP version 7.1 the security service has terminated in December 2019.

Visit to see their roadmap and which other version/s still receive/s security support.

Yes. As a customer with an active subscription of Swizzonic’s WEB product, you are using PHP features. Please check, if you already have the latest version. If not, we suggest you upgrade to the current version 7.3.6. as soon as possible. If you encounter issues after the upgrade, you have time to solve them before the old version will be turned off.

From PHP Version 5.2 upwards
PHP Version 5.2 and upwards will be disabled in batches, starting 11.11.2020.

To upgrade to a newer PHP version, please open the settings of the domain concerned in the basic configurations. In the settings tab, you can choose the version using the dropdown. We suggest you update directly to version 7.3.6.

1. Log into your user account on
2. Under «Administration of Products» «Basic Configuration» right click onto the Domain, choose «open», go to the tab «settings».
3. Here you have the selection of PHP versions.
» After upgrading the PHP version, the warning notice in your user account will disappear.

If you have not changed the PHP version in your user account to a current PHP version (from version 7.2) before 11.11.2020, you run the risk that after 11.11.2020 the system will automatically be changed to version 7.2. If you are using an up-to-date CMS from WordPress, Joomla, a.s.o., this might be very likely compatible. Caution is required especially if you use older programming. Here it might be that certain components of your website do not behave correctly any more and must be repaired.

If you have further questions, we will kindly help you. You can contact our Customer Service at any time: