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Websites – subdomain, redirection and more

This article refers to our new hosting environment, where DNS management and redirects are included and do not require any other product. If you don’t have this functionality yet, you can read about the process to switch to the new environment in migration article.

On the “Websites” page under “Administration of Products” you will find a listing of all domains as well as subdomains in the user account with the respective service type/service.

  • Linux/Apache = is associated with the WEB Swiss product, has a web hosting.
    • Provides the option to specify the PHP version.
  • Weiterleiten = redirects to another URL.
    • The destination URL can be defined here. (With http:// | https://)
  • Parking = displays the default Swizzonic page. (Inactive Domain)
    • No options.
  • Alias = points to the web hosting of another domain/subdomain.
    • Here you can select the domain/subdomain which is already on Linux/Apache.
  • DNS = linking to the DNS editor of this domain / subdomain.
  • APPS = linking to the application installer of this domain / subdomain.
  • BEARBEITEN = opens the options for this domain / subdomain.
  • X = removal of this entry.(Only possible for subdomains)

Allows subdomains to be added to existing domains and associated with one of the service types.