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Why have I received a Whois Data Reminder (WDRP) and what do I need to do?

Emailing is officially required by the regulating authority.

A registrar of gTLDs, such as Swizzonic, are under the control of the regulating authority ICANN. The ICANN commit the registrars to send certain emails, including the Whois Data Reminder.

A list of other mandatory emails (incl. information on the subject, the sender and a short summary) you can find here.


What is the “Whois Data Reminder (WDRP)” what do I need to do?

  • It gives you the opportunity to control the published registrant data
    Please check the listed address entries under “registrant” and see whether they’re up to date
    It is correct that Swizzonic is listed as the administrative and technical contact:  Why won’t I show up as a technical administrator.
  • You only need to act if the data is not correct anymore
    If all of the entries are correct you can ignore the email. If they need to be updated you can do so in your user account.
  • It is sent yearly