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Why, as a technical administrator, am I not shown as Admin-C in Whois?

WHOIS is a public database that reveals to whom a DOMAIN belongs.

Depending on the “registry” and its legal basis, a little more or less data is published publicly. Therefore, the WHOIS queries look different depending on the DOMAIN extension.

As far as data protection is concerned, Swizzonic has two customer segments with different needs. On the one hand, those who want to have as little data as possible about themselves published on the Internet, and on the other hand (mainly companies) who would like to use the WHOIS as a marketing tool and would like to see their address published there.

Swizzonic currently runs the variant high data protection. Only the obligatory data of the owner will be sent to the “Registry”. If a “registry” requests data to the technical administrator or to the billing address, Swizzonic sends the Swizzonic address by default.